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I'm available for social experiences in public settings which includes cash meets, dinner and drinks (which can include some light/discrete public play), shopping trips, office lunches and companionship to kink events and play parties. 

I also offer private sessions in a lovely and well equipped private play space. My availability is limited and priority is given to those I've seen for previous sessions, casual outings, and/or cash meets. I will consider those that have also served online if I feel we've established an appropriate dynamic and quality connection. 


All clients are subject to screening prior to conduction sessions; whether in person or on the phone. Discretion and safety are paramount in order for the both of us to enjoy our experience and screening is solely used for safety purposes. 

And please note, I do not offer any illegal services or sexual services. My time is strictly reserved for legal BDSM activities and power exchanges.

Please note, I require a deposit for any and all in person opportunities. The deposit will count towards the total cost of your outing or session.

If an outing with me interests you, you can use the button below for booking inquiries. Please include your desired activity/destination, dates/times that you seek to spend with me, and whether you'd like to book a phone call or cam session for screening.  

If you are looking for a more extensive/private session, please list the dates/times, the type of session you are interested in, and whether you'd like to book your screening before your session as a social outing or if you'd prefer a cam session or phone call to conduct the screening process.

Please note, I am only taking sessions that are 90 minutes or longer. I offer overnights for certain activities and sessions as well.  

You may contact me below to inquire about an in person rendezvous



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